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We buy and sell all Krugerrands, Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns and most other world gold coins 

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Originally only one size was issued, which contained one full troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of fine gold. This was originally known as a Krugerrand. From 1980, three other sizes were introduced, a half, quarter, and tenth ounce size. Because of these, the original Krugerrand is often referred to as a "full" or "one ounce" Kruger or Krugerrand.

Technical Specifications

SizeFace ValueWeightFinenessGold ContentGold Content
 RandsGrams/1.000GramsTroy Ounces


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The sovereign was a real circulating coin until the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. At about this time, most countries in the world reduced or stopped production of gold coins for circulation, and switched to a "token" coinage.By 1933, almost every country had stopped gold coin production, and it did not restart until about 1960. Even now, there are no countries where any gold coins regularly circulate as part of the coinage system.

Technical Specifications 
from 1817

Diameter22.05 mm.
Weight7.98 grams.
Alloy (Carats)22
Fineness (millesimal)916.6
Actual Gold Content (Grams)7.315
Actual Gold Content (Troy Ounces)0.2354

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Austrian 1915 Four Ducats
Ducats were issued by Austria from at least 1612. The last issue of ducats was in 1914, All 4 ducats dated 1915 are restrikes and are still produced as such. Franz Joseph I was born in 1848, and died in 1916.

Technical Specifications

DiameterWeightFinenessGold Content

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The Five pound Gold Coin
The five pound coin is Britain's largest gold coin,  The designs follow the sovereign closley, with the reverse usually featuring Benedetto Pistrucci's depiction of Saint George and the dragon.

Technical Specifications
Diameter, Sovereign Type36.02 mm.
Diameter, Crown Type38.61 mm.
Weight, Grams39.94
Alloy (Carats)22
Fineness (millesimal)916.6
Actual Gold Content (Grams)36.6117
Actual Gold Content (Troy Ounces)1.1771