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Palladium (atomic symbol Pd) is a platinum group metal. It is the lightest (least dense) and has the lowest melting point of the group. Palladium is naturally white, not requiring rhodium plating for use as jewellery. It is malleable and ductile in its pure form, but too soft for jewellery unless alloyed. As an alloy containing 950 parts of palladium for jewellery purposes, it is more pure than a white gold alloy, but the additional elements make it harder and more durable in the as cast condition. Its hardness significantly increases as it is cold worked making it ideal for jewellery. Palladium wears similarly to platinum. Palladium resists oxidation at ordinary temperatures but will discolour at soldering temperatures.

We now sell a selection of palladium jewellery and most of our wide selection of wedding rings are available in palladium.


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